Friday, March 20, 2009

Rubber Stamp

So one of my favorite things to do is think up merchandise to promote my comics and art work. I think that my cartoons actually lend themselves very well to merchandise (Stickers buttons etc). I am not always comfortable promoting myself, but this is a really fun way to do it, one that feels sweet and that I am comfortable with. Handing some one a button makes them happy and that makes me happy, and then everyone is soooo happy, and then maybe they get so happy that they give me a job. So in anticipation of the upcoming conventions I am in full on "cute crap" mode, ordering and making stuff to sell and hand out. One such item is a rubber stamp I am having made at Casey Rubber Stamps in the East Village. It is a great little store with all these cool old fashioned stamps and you can have one custom made for you based on whatever you want. I am having this guy made:

Heart Monster Mania! I am very excited. With this stamp I can make my own stickers, stationary, and match-books! Adorable and efficient. Just like Heart Monster himself.

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