Friday, August 28, 2009

PLAYBACK:stl Review!

Happy Friday Everyone!

One of these days I will post something that is neither review nor Deformitory related, but until that day here is another review, this time by Sarah Boslaugh for PLAYBACK:stl. She's given it a positive review (yay!) and offered up a new interpretation of Delores's lobster claws. Sarah speculates that it is a metaphor for the creative dilemma, one that feeds and betrays you, which I enjoy. :) This is coming on the heels of Rob Clough's interpretation that the claws can be seen as a metaphor for the nature of addiction. You can read Sarah's review HERE.

Also I got a shout out over at "Comics and ... Other Imaginary Tales" (here). Its not so much a review as a review of reviews? Whatever it is I appreciate the write up. :)

Enjoy your weekend, thanks for reading!

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