Thursday, November 5, 2009

APE recap and King Con

Well I figured it was about time that I posted pictures info on the Alternative Press Expo from last month. It was a great show with a lot of amazing people and books to see. I loved the space and the general attitude of both exhibitors and attendees. Some personal highlights were meeting my table mate and fellow comics artiste Cat Lauigan, who is talented and charming as I had been led to believe. I was also sharing once again with Maria Sputnik which is always a pleasure. Plus she provided the knitted octopus for our table (see below) designed by Daniel Yuhas. If you need more cephalopod action specifically go here. Oh it may make my heart burst!
Additionally I had the pleasure of meeting cartoonists Minty Lewis and Damien Jay of P.S. Comics and The Natural World respectively. They were as nice as they are talented and I scored some really good books at their table. Definitely required reading.
The table next to us was home to the impressive Anteism and Islands Fold which was awesome as I like to think that I was made cooler by proximity.

Check out my pics!

Awesome APE space.

Decked out ladies checking out the panties.

Cat Lauigan manning our table. Please note the red octupus.

I had never been to California before so that was exciting too. I kept feeling like I was in a movie about California because well everything looked extremely California-y. After two days of conventioning I got to run around a be a tourist in San Francisco. My boyfriend and I did just about everything a typical tourist could think of; we went to Alcatraz, biked over the Golden Gate Bridge, rode a cable car, saw parrots on Telegraph Hill etc. and it was awesome. After San Francisco we wandered up the west coast hitting up Portland and Seattle before flying home East.

I could go on and on about APE and my West coast adventures, but I must look forward to the future! i.e. this weekend. Tomorrow you can find me at Brooklyn's King Con where I will be sharing a table with the fantastic J.T. Yost. I will be pimping The Deformitory as usual and My Terrible Tearable Heart so stop by and see what Brooklyn has to offer. The convention is at the Brooklyn Lyceum and will feature such esteemed guests as Jonathan Ames and Harvey Pekar. Please stop by, especially those of you who live a matter of blocks away and have no excuse not to. And when you do bring me a cup of coffee. See you there!

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