Monday, January 18, 2010

New Year Linkabonanzamania

Well what with Christmas, New Years, and my attempts to re-order my life I find that I have quite allowed my little blog to fall to the wayside. Here is a whirl wind tour of all that has been going on and what is going down.

First of all I did Time Out's photo finish feature for this weeks issue. You may see it here:

Second of all I never linked to the Photo Finish I did last December. You may view it here:

Additionally I made my first ever "Year End List". Henry Chamberlain of Newsarama included The Deformitory on his list of comics that intrigued him in 2009 and I was honored indeed. Check out the whole list here:

And my last link is to a review by the wonderful Rob Clough back in November for my mini My Terrible Tearable Heart. I am about two thirds of the page down right over here:

Otherwise I have a few projects underway; a commissioned portrait, a new post card and my new mini which is still in the sketching stages, but if all goes well will be ready for MoCCA on April 10th. I lieu of suitable imagery from any of these project I will post a picture of my dog Roscoe who just turned 15 years old on New Years Eve. That yellow thing is a squeaky lion and was his gift. He's a good boy.

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