Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lettuce Girl Review

I was very happy to see today that my book The Lettuce Girl Pt. 1 was reviewed by Rob Clough for The Comics Journal. Reading his review got me excited about the work I am doing on the next installment and that is a very good thing. The more it develops the more eager I am to share the rest of the story with readers. You can read his very thoughtful review at TCJ right here.

Also I set up my Etsy shop. I just put up my comics for now, but ladies under wear and baby clothes are soon to follow. Please check it out and browse my humble inventory.

And here is an illustration of a lady in a turtle neck without a head. I can't say I don't relate a little right now. Have you ever been at once overwhelmed and terrified yet amazingly motivated and positive? Let me know if you've experienced this seemingly contradictory set of emotions all at the same time. It's a strange brew.

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