Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stumptown Comics Fest Part One

Ok so by now I am sure everyone and their mother has blogged about their experience at Stumptown, if everyone and their mother did attend and have blogs. Seriously though, I was getting all mad at myself, thinking "This is gonna be old News Sophia if you don't get a'postin right now!" Then I remembered, I have no conclusive evidence that anyone beside my boyfriend has ever read this thing (and I was hovering over his shoulder at the time whispering "look look, I blogged") so I am letting myself off the hook. :) So without further ado here are some pictures of the festival.

Above is a picture of our table. Behind the table is comic artist Dunja Jankovic. I know its hard to tell with the mask. Anyways the poster you see is the poster for Komikaze, the amazing comics collective based out of Croatia. Check them out at Its is very good stuff. These people aren't effing around. Dunja stuff is on their site as well as her own,
So we had a lot of cool Balkan comics and international stuff in general. We also had the lovely Maria Sputnik's comics. Her book 44 Presidents is coming out this fall as well, so look out for it as it is hilarious. Here she is with Lisa Magnum making masks!

Lisa was amazing and largely responsible for the presence of the Komikaze comics as well as other Balkan comics and french publications. It was a good time over all. I especially just enjoyed meeting all the great people and artists there. I met Gail Simone and embarrisingly gushed about how she changed my life. Amd I met Chris Baldwin author of Little Dee and Bruno which was a thrill as well. I also sat a little down from The creator of Madman Mike Allred, but I was too shy to meet him. Hopefully I will remedy that if I ever do see him again. More Tomorrow.


Judge Glock said...
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Judge Glock said...

Here it is...proof that your boyfriend reads your blog even when you are not looking.

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heatherlyndoyle said...

You guys crack me up.

Thanks Sophia for the comic link - i laughed. A lot. Comics got funny again, thank god.