Friday, May 1, 2009

Stumptown Comics Fest Part Duex

Ok, so this is the post to fill in the the blanks of the previous post. In terms of comics I have only ever exhibited a MoCCA Art Fest before and was not sure what so expect at Stumptown. I think the most enjoyable aspect was that I was sharing a table with people who actually lived in Portland and so it was a lot easier to converse with the the neighboring tables and make friends since everyone seemed to know everyone. The Portland comics scene is thriving and it was exciting to meet such a concentrated group of comics readers, artists, shop owners etc. To actually live among it must be a heady rush indeed. I think that while in New York there may be more comics people in general it is so spread out and there is no real core. What I perceived in Portland was that is was a very close and supportive community. I am sure you could say that about any thing when comparing NYC to Portland but it was nice to experience.

Here is a picture of what was to the right of our table; the awesome Floating World Comics table. Jason Leivian is the owner of this wonderful shop and yet another awesome person I met. Sean Christensen is the masked guy and he was also really cool. Read his comic Miranda Baby. Its bizarrely wonderful. Oh and that is Lisa again. It was good and overwhelming as those things should be and I hope I can swing it next year as well.

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