Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Official MoCCA Post

So MoCCA was really cool. Some personal highlights: Finally introducing myself to Gabrielle Bell. Also meeting Ron Rege Jr. And introducing myself to Evan Dorkin. Again! But I had a slightly more proper chat with him this time around. :)
I also got to see J.T. Yost fellow Xeric winner again. Check out his awesome work here and here. Also here is his books page: birdcagebottombooks.com. And I got to see Box Brown who I am also a huge fan of. I think that was it for Xeric peoples representing at MoCCA this year. If not, I am sorry I missed the others.
To be honest the new venue was very different from the Puck building. The Armory is really cool, don't get me wrong, but it definitely does not have the charm of the Puck. Plus it was just as unbearably warm as last year. I suppose it was a more democratic layout but it was also colder and more overwhelming in a way. It felt more "convention" than "festival". But I guess that is what happens when things get bigger. And MoCCA certainly seems to have exploded.
Regardless it still maintained its open and positive vibe and I am getting much better at introducing myself and just stepping up and talking about my work. Practice practice right? So yeah, MoCCA gets an A!
Festival updates: other than SPX this September I am plotting to show up and exhibit at APE this fall so anybody in San Fransisco let me know if you will be around in October. It would be my first foray into California. I'm really hoping it will work out.

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