Thursday, April 22, 2010

Comics Page Process

I find that when I get into a chat about comics, more often than not, I end up describing how I approach a page. So while I was working on "The Lettuce Girl" I took some photos along the way to at least partially capture my process.

After I have determined my story, the sequence of events, and the layout of ALL the pages, I draw out all the pages on regular cover stock with a mechanical pencil. Above is an example of a page. I draw close to the size I print at, and the above page measures 8.5x5.5".

Then when I have pencilled every page I photocopy them around 150-160% of the original size. As you can see the results are nice and dark.

Then I tape some very good paper (Strathmore Bristol board) on top of the photo copied page and turn on the light box! Thus illuminated i can see my original line work and then ink away.

After my hand does that spazy-clenchy-numbness thing I decide that I am sick of inking that the page is finished!

Then I scan it, futz with it, correct it, develop acrimonious feeling towards it, and then BAM!; It's ready for print.

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