Friday, April 2, 2010

A lot.

Ok the funny thing about blogging about ones professional (mis)adventures is that the busier I get, the more I have to report on, but consequently I also have less and less time to do said "reporting". Nonetheless here's a quick run down on whats been up with me.

First of all pick up a Time Out New York! Not only is it the awesome "Free" issue but on page four is a Photo Finish piece by me. I really loved this one because it allowed me to both vent my frustration with hipsters as well as bad busking. Read it here.

The biggest Fish I have had to fry lately though is preparing my new comic for MoCCA. Other than my slight collection of short comics from last Fall, My Terrible Tearable Heart, I have yet to come out with a new comic since my thesis, The Deformitory in May 2008. Whereas I am still proud of my debut effort I am really excited to push a new book. It's a take on Rapunzel and its called the "The Lettuce Girl". Its the first installment of what I currently foresee as a four part story. I have been writing and rewriting it since around Christmas time and just finished inking last week. The guts are printed and I am working on the cover now. You can see a page in progress on my drawing table above. Do you like my beautifully organized work space?

Stay tuned, enjoy the weather and Happy Easter and Passover!

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The Holy Yost said...

The new book looks good (from what I can see)! See you at MoCCA.