Thursday, April 21, 2011

More MoCCA follow up and Time Out New York


First off, pick up a time out this week and grab a peek at the photo finish. I love it when the photo is black and white. The finished product always looks so nice in print. The link to the website is empty for some reason so I am posting it here:

In other news I got into Columbia! Well I didn't, but The Deformitory did. My humble thesis is now part of the graphic novel collection at Columbia University in the Butler Library. Here is an article about the collection by Karen Green who started it back in 2005. Getting to meet her was one of the highlights of MoCCA for me.

Want some photographic evidence that people are reading The Lettuce Girl Pt. 2? Well, look no further! Here the lovely Helena looks through my latest comic. Beautiful women everywhere agree: It is legible, if not edible.

Photo Credit: © 2011 Laura Broomhall

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